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Have you ever wondered what to do with that sad-looking, boring patch of lawn in your backyard? Wanted to spruce up your garden but weren’t exactly sure where to start? Trying to install a deck or garden pond and haven’t a clue what the first step is? We’re here to help!

Because we know it’s hard to get started when you’re a beginner, Landscaping Ideas will include articles on landscaping ideas for beginners, and also landscaping ideas for budding landscapers and lots of advanced landscaping ideas for those of you who have been doing this a while. A pretty mixed bag, but we believe in helping all gardeners of any caliber.

Here on Landscaping Ideas you’ll find all the tips, tricks and step by steps you’ll need for great decking, plant care, landscaping plans and outdoor rooms. Visit each category listed at the top of the site for your specific needs, or subscribe to Landscaping Ideas on your RSS Feed to never miss a post!

Some of our recent Landscaping Ideas include:

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These landscaping ideas will help you develop your garden, transform you into a better gardener, and make you the envy of everyone on your street. Pretty soon, your neighbours will be asking you for landscaping ideas, tips and tricks! We won’t tell them where you got your information from, if you don’t.

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From all of us at Landscaping Ideas, we wish you the very best with your garden. Happy Landscaping!

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